Complete guide for Grab in Vietnam

Grab has become an integral part of everyday life in Vietnam.

You can easily call for a ride anywhere, don’t have to worry about carrying a bag, and it’s cheaper than a taxi. So, if you can use Grab in Vietnam, you don’t need to use a taxi.

On the other hand, many people do not understand this service.

This time, I will introduce in detail how to use Grab in Vietnam.


  1. What is Vietnam Grab and its functions?
  2. Why use Grab in Vietnam?
  3. How to use Vietnam Grab
  4. Disadvantages of Vietnam Grab
  5. Frequently asked questions about Vietnam Grab

1. What is Vietnam Grab and its functions?

Describe Grab briefly as an application that allows you to call for a taxi or motorcycle through a smartphone application. However, you can call for a private car operated by an individual, not a taxi registered with a taxi company. Currently, we offer the following functions:

  • Possibility to call for a taxi or motorcycle
  • Function to reserve a taxi or motorcycle to be called at a specific time
  • Possibility to deliver goods to a desired location
  • Ability to deliver food

2. Why use Grab in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, many taxis are unreliable for foreigners. This also applies even if you live in Vietnam and speak Vietnamese. However, if you ask why you are going back this way, the corresponding road is blocked, so this way is faster, just like an answer from a textbook. .

In the case of Grab, you can move for a fixed amount, without worrying about the shortest route based on Google Maps. Furthermore, Grab is more comfortable as you can check the route you are taking in real-time.

In a February 2013 article titled “Get ten times more money from tourists (Vietnamese),” it was noted that the article charged tourists visiting Da Nang ten times more money.

The article is still desolate, but it says that the driver approached the customer and offered to take him to the hotel, and even took the customer’s phone and canceled the Grab booked by the customer.

After that, the customer was charged an amount more than ten times the taxi fare and reported it to the “Information Center (Tourist Support Center)” in Da Nang. Increase.

For this reason alone, I strongly recommend using Grab in Vietnam.

3. How to use Vietnam Grab

Grab is not an official service and can only be used in English. The following images show the screens you see when running Grab in Vietnam. The displayed screen varies depending on the user’s location.

Next, I will introduce in detail how Vietnam Grab is used. If you have experience using Uber, it is easy to use.

  1. Visit the Play Store or App Store, search for “Grab,” and install it.
    Get the Play Store link
    Grab App Store link
  2. Complete the membership registration by linking your email address and mobile phone number.
    If you want to use Grab, it is convenient to register in advance. This will automatically send your Grab usage history to this email.
  3. To set up automatic payments with your credit card, add it through the Grab menu > Payment > Add credit.
    Registration of the Vietnam Grab card
    If your card does not accept payments abroad, it will not be registered in Grab.
  4. To call a vehicle, select “CAR,” then “Where to?” and enter your destination.
  5. Set the pickup location or enter the address and click the “Confirm pickup” button.
  6. Where to? and pin the destination address or location.
  7. Set the pickup location or enter the address and click the “Confirm pickup” button.

4. Disadvantages of Vietnam Grab

Grabs have more advantages than taxis, but typically have the following disadvantages.

The ride only follows the path shown on the Grab Map (Google Maps).
So, if you navigate to a different path than you know, the ride will not be redirected to that path.

Also, in Vietnam, it is very common for streets to be controlled for events, etc.

In this case, the longitudinally controlled object does not appear on the grab path, so you have to move to the controlled point and get off.

Don’t expect the kindness to come back in other ways.

It is difficult to get on board on weekends and rainy days.
Due to the congestion at this time of day, you often have to wait at least 10 minutes even if you request a pickup service.

During this time of year, you can save even more time by getting on as soon as you see an empty taxi.

Frequently asked questions about Vietnam Grab

Do you need a local phone number in Vietnam?

When purchasing a USIM card, they do provide a local phone number, but tourists do not necessarily need to use that number. In popular tourist cities in Vietnam such as Ha Noi, Da Nang, Hoi An, and Ho Chi Minh, notifications are offered through major messengers (Kakao, Line, WhatsApp) for the convenience of tourists.

What is better, cash or card payment?

Cash payment is better for those who can easily calculate in Vietnamese money. However, most Grab riders in Vietnam have difficulty spending a small amount of money under 10,000 VND.
Therefore, it is better to register a credit card to be automatically billed.
Credit card fees are included in the price, but they can be ignored as Grab expenses themselves do not amount to a large sum of money.

Can I cancel a Grab after calling?

It is possible. However, frequent cancellations incur penalties. If you incur a penalty, you will have to pay the premium instead of the minimum fee.

Is it difficult to change the destination during the ride?

Unless the distance becomes significantly farther from the original destination or it’s an area not preferred by the driver, changes are usually made. Destinations changes between popular tourist attractions or downtown accommodations are usually allowed. Even if Vietnamese isn’t possible, showing the destination on Google Maps can often facilitate simple communication in most cases.

Can I use Grab at Vietnam airports?

It is possible. There is no problem if you are in an environment where you can buy and carry Vietnamese USIM or have wireless internet such as Wi-Fi. You don’t need to worry about not being able to call Grab due to a lack of wireless internet upon arriving at the airport. Even if you arrive late, you can purchase a USIM card and have immediate access to the internet.
Moreover, there are always many Grab drivers waiting in front of the airport. You don’t need to worry even if you arrive late. (If you arrive after midnight, around 12 AM, some confirmation might be necessary.)
Due to frequent incidents of Grab solicitation at the airport, please make sure to verify that the driver you have called is the correct one.

Is Grab in Vietnam really cheaper than a taxi?

Not quite. Since March 2022, with the increase in Grab fares, Grab is no longer cheaper than taxis. However, the fare difference isn’t significant. That’s why it’s still recommended to use Grab.

Is Vietnam Grab safe?

Grab retains usage information, making it similar to or even safer than regular taxis. Throughout my travels in Vietnam, I have consistently used Grab and have never encountered inconvenience or danger. In preparing this post, I have thoroughly analyzed the experiences of numerous Koreans who prefer using Grab during their trips to Vietnam.(Koreans frequently travel to Vietnam and share a variety of information.) I have also researched relevant news articles. As a result, I can confidently conclude that it is not danger. Furthermore, unlike taxis, you can also easily request a Grab again if you accidentally leave something in the vehicle after getting out. If you promise a small reward(100,000 VDN – 500,000 VDN) through a message to the Grab driver, they usually come back to return it.

Can I call multiple Grabs at the same time?


Do you offer any other services besides Grab?

In Vietnam, there are many taxi service hubs. Grab is the most commonly used, but there are other services similar to Grab. Gogetto and Rain, introduced below, are typical examples. It is used less frequently than Grab but is often used when Grab doesn’t work. Grab has the highest commission rate compared to its competitors, about 35%. On the other hand, Goget and Ame have low fees, and many drivers only operate with Ame and Goget. However, I recommend using Grab.

How do I call Grab to my correct position?

When calling for a Grab, the boarding location is automatically chosen based on your current location. However, in areas where the vehicle cannot access, it selects the nearest road. It can lead to issues if the departure point isn’t accurately confirmed. Especially in Vietnam, there are many narrow alleys where cars cannot enter. Therefore, if you notice that the departure point is set too far from your actual location, first drag the marker to your current location. This may sometimes result in the departure point being adjusted to a closer location, but usually, it doesn’t. In that case, try to adjust it towards a nearby road.

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