4 Tips for traveling to Da Nang

Planning a trip to Da Nang can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. Traveling to Da Nang opens up opportunities to explore a city with diverse climate, stunning landscapes, and unique cultural experiences, making it an ideal destination for every traveler. However, to make the most of your journey, it’s essential to be well-prepared and equipped with useful tips. In this guide, we will present four valuable tips to ensure you have a memorable and enjoyable adventure in this vibrant Vietnamese city.

1. Travel Time/Duration

The best time to travel to Da Nang can vary for each person, but most people prefer going in the spring and autumn. Vietnam’s summer can be extremely hot and humid, making it difficult to enjoy a comfortable trip.

The temperature is not the only concern; the high humidity can make you sweat profusely. Even during the spring and autumn, the temperature is still quite warm. In October, during the autumn season, the temperature in Vietnam can reach up to approximately 30 degrees Celsius.

dragon bridge

Da Nang, Vietnam, does not have distinct four seasons, but it may be divided into two different seasons: the dry season from February to August and the rainy season from late August to December. Heavy rainfall during the rainy season, which includes Da Nang’s winter, frequently causes floods.

While there are moments when it rains heavily during the rainy season, there are also times when it is cool and clear, making it even more refreshing than other seasons. The weather permits the use of short sleeves with a light outer layer that may be quickly placed on and removed. Even though the weather seems erratic, it’s still worth contemplating a vacation to Da Nang during the winter season.

For a first trip to Da Nang, a suitable duration would be around 3 nights and 4 days. It is highly recommended to spend at least one night in the nearby small city of Hoi An as well. The shimmering lanterns lighting up the streets at night are truly enchanting, so a visit there is a must. If a 3-night, 4-day trip is not feasible, a plan of 2 nights in Da Nang and 1 night (or a day trip) to Hoi An should work well.

2. Preparation Items/Gear/Things

Vietnam is a popular resort location with beautiful resorts and hotels. The water in the bathrooms, on the other hand, should be avoided at all costs. Many people opt to buy a “showerhead filter” for their travels.

While it may not be essential for everyone, it is recommended to have one, especially for those with sensitive skin or traveling with young children. According to some Vietnam travel reviews, there were cases where the filters turned black within a day in certain resorts, so be cautious.

Example shower filter. Click to see sales page. (Not advertising.)

Vietnamese Currency Wallet / Currency Confusion The Vietnamese currency, called “dong,” has a large denomination and various types of banknotes, which can be confusing when handling transactions locally. For example, you may need to pay 10,000 dong, but end up paying 100,000 dong or get confused when paying 1,000 dong. Moreover, due to the different denominations, it may be challenging to grasp the value in dollars.

dong wallets example
VDN Wallet Example

To overcome this issue, Koreans frequently make or buy “dong wallets.” They categorize the money and identify each compartment with the currency kind. When searching for “dong wallet template” online, you can get printable templates for dong wallets.

These wallets can also include common Vietnamese phrases for daily conversation or expressions to refuse tips. This will help you conveniently communicate during your trip. For more detailed and comprehensive preparation items and a handy checklist, please refer to the link provided below!

3. Accommodation

Just like Da Nang itself, the accommodation options in the city are incredibly diverse, ranging from small local hotels at around $15 to $25 to luxurious chain resorts that can exceed $800. Choosing the right accommodation can be quite challenging. However, I recommend a combination of “city hotel + beachfront resort with an ocean view.”

Resorts with rooms that offer a close view of the sea might feel expensive compared to city accommodations, even for budget-friendly local brands priced at $80 or above. However, it’s worth considering that finding places with the same quality at the same price outside of Da Nang might not be easy. Splurging a bit on accommodation during your trip can significantly enhance your satisfaction.

If you are arriving on a late-night flight, it’s a good idea to stay at a budget-friendly hotel in the city for your first night. It’s not only economical, but it’s also conveniently close to the airport. Many families traveling with flights close to midnight choose to rest and freshen up at these affordable city accommodations before heading to the airport.

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4. Transportation

In Vietnam, it’s essential to have the Grab app for taxis. Just like Uber, it’s a convenient way to call for a ride, and you can usually get a car within 5 minutes, even during busy times. There are often many cars waiting right in front of your accommodation, so you can expect a quick arrival after making a call. You can also check the estimated fare before calling, and the prices are very affordable, with most rides in Da Nang city center costing less than $2.

For longer distances to places like Hoi An or Ba Na Hills, many large resorts operate paid shuttle buses that gather guests at specified times. If you are considering the number of people and luggage, renting a car with a driver is also a common option. In Da Nang, when we say “renting a car,” it usually means hiring a car with a driver included.

It’s typical to rent a car for half a day or a full day, allowing you to explore various destinations within that time frame, making it perfect for long-distance trips and sightseeing at multiple places. It’s highly recommended for family tours, including children and elderly individuals. The cars are usually at least 7-seaters, making them suitable for airport pickups, drop-offs, and moving between accommodations, especially when you have a lot of luggage.

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